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Spark Legacy Program

This is your opportunity to positively impact the world and make a difference for future generations.

Spark Legacy Program

The Spark to Do Good

Spark Legacy ambitiously aims to change inequity in and exclusion from the financial system by reshaping our society’s understanding and appreciation of money.

By revolutionising the way everyday Australians understand money, enhancing the financial literacy of those most vulnerable and changing the perception of financial services leaders, Spark Financial Group believes inequity can be overcome. Similarly, we believe the financial industry can play a significant role in creating a better future for all.

But Why Now?

Action is needed now to reshape the world’s future, from saving our environment to eradicating financial disparity. We are at a crossroads but we have the information we need to make the right choice. With more businesses like Spark adopting some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as part of their Purpose, such as encouraging economic growth, along with addressing the needs of the vulnerable groups identified in Australian Government’s National Financial Capability Strategy that need financial literacy support, the time is now to make lasting change.

So How Can We
Make It Happen?

Spark Advisors will empower individuals to live a meaningful life on their own terms while contributing to global good through uniting the financial industry for a common good. We believe that it is possible to democratise access to money and financial advice, thereby ending systemic and general social inequity, while restoring trust in the financial industry. To achieve this, the Spark Legacy program has been designed around three pillars.


A centralised Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) has been created, into which Spark stakeholders can donate to, along with the profits from Spark Financial Group. These funds will be gifted to a charity whose purpose is to address where inequity is present across young Australians. The PAF will be overseen by an independent trustee and the Spark Legacy Committee. The voluntary time provided by Spark Advisors towards these charities presents an opportunity for Spark Advisors to deliver positive changes at grassroots level in their own communities, raise awareness and help end systemic issues caused by a lack of financial literacy.


This is the aforementioned financial literacy efforts from Spark Advisors that aims to close the generational wealth gap by addressing the knowledge gaps and skills gaps of young Australians. These programs will be delivered one-on-one, one to many or scaled extensively using Spark’s technology platforms. With this increased financial confidence and skill, we hope to see reductions in rates of financial hardship, mental health issues, financial abuse and suicide.


Financial literacy is a cornerstone of Spark Legacy, with further support provide to Spark Advisors being able to provide solutions that meet an investment philosophy of doing good. This includes zero-tolerance investments, and ESG and SRI model portfolios that meet the ethical needs of both our Advisors and clients. As part of Spark Legacy, our Advisors will train, accredit and upskill to best serve those looking at ESG and SRI investing. This will help ensure that clients can invest to address issues such as climate change and personal investment preferences.

This Is How Your
Legacy Begins

Spark Legacy is a unique, industry-leading opportunity to make a difference that will be felt across the world. You can get involved in a number of ways.

As a Spark Advisor

Joining our network of Spark Advisors will allow you to share your ideas to create more meaningful impact, as well as participate in the Financial Literacy Program in your community. You will also become part of a financial community with shared values and beliefs, and access to leading technology and solutions to best serve clients.

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As a Donor or Collaborator

You can help drive the change to fix inequality by achieving the related goals of your own organisation, thereby promoting further participation and dedication to social change. This engagement can be internal or external — the extent of the positive action is up to you.

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As a Member of the Financial Services Industry

You have a number of options available to you for participating in Spark Legacy. This includes raising awareness of the program within your business or delivering support into any of our three strategic pillars, such as becoming a donor or collaborator to assist with Hope and Advocacy.

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As a Charity Group

Raising awareness of Spark Legacy and participating local Spark Advisors is paramount to accelerating the impact and change of the program. By having your cohort participate in the Advocacy pillar and engaging your local community with the program, you can make a big difference. This can be as simple as sharing and promoting outcomes of our financial literacy efforts throughout your local media and social media.

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The Spark Legacy Manifesto

The Spark Legacy manifesto is to make Spark Financial Group & its Advisors synonymous with financial literacy, empowering young Australians to benefit from our financial system and to unite our industry for a common good.

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