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Our Purpose

Our passionate community of financial experts wants to help you achieve your dreams and create your legacy.

Our Purpose

What Ignites Our Spark?

To improve the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians through good advice and to positively contribute to our society. 

Our key priority is to positively impact people’s lives. We aim to do this through high-quality financial advice, as well as our profit-for-purpose model. 100% of our profits go directly to charities tackling a range of social issues, including financial literacy, domestic violence and supporting Indigenous communities. 

We are market leaders, dedicated to offering financial advice and a service that makes a difference today and tomorrow. This is our Spark — we see the potential in our clients, we feel it deep in our hearts and minds. We pride ourselves on always seizing every opportunity to turn potential into reality.

Our Vision, Mission & Goals

We make a difference today for a better tomorrow. Our united vision, mission and goals aim to empower our Spark Advisors and our clients to achieve their own goals and dreams, while making a positive impact on all Australians.

A Vision That Sparks Passion

To be recognised as the premier financial services organisation with market-leading technology, effective innovations, quality business solutions and a dedication to making a positive impact on our communities. With these solutions, our Advisors can take control of their financial futures and those of their clients.

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A Mission for Better

To ensure our Advisors maximise Spark’s suite of solutions, enabling them to build strong, sustainable businesses with client engagement of the highest level. We also believe in giving our Advisors the tools and resources to make a change for the better in their communities, including accessing grants from Spark Hope.

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A Goal for Every Australian

Spark brings together passionate Advisors, strategic partnerships, innovative technology, and everyday Australians for a better financial future. We understand how effective tailored financial advice can positively impact people’s lives — it drives our Advisors and keeps us aiming higher. When you meet with a Spark Advisor, you will speak with someone who wants to see you succeed. We want you to tap into the power of your Spark.

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Seize Your Spark

Spark Financial Group is innovative, committed to improving both the lives of our clients and the careers of our Advisors, as well as Australians in general.


For Clients


This means connecting with a Spark Advisor who works to understand your situation, hopes and dreams, and will always act in your best interests. You can make use of services to change your here-and-now, as well as your future. And you can do it all knowing you're making a difference in the lives of others too.


For Advisors


This means accessing the Spark solutions to enhance your value proposition, and increase efficiency and your career satisfaction, while collaborating with a professional network of Advisors across the country. Your practice can scale up immensely immediately and ensure high compliance standards. At the same time, you can give back to your community and make Australia’s future brighter.

Don’t lose your Spark — connect with Spark Financial Group today and see what’s possible.

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