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Our Purpose

Amplifying the positive impact of financial advice.

Our Purpose

What Ignites Our Spark?

We are determined to stand for something that makes a real and tangible difference to the lives of our Advisors, their clients and for young Australians who have a low level of financial capacity or little access to financial literacy education.

To help financial advisors and clients create a better future for themselves, their families, and the broader community, we’ve designed a new kind of financial services business with care and social change at its core.

100% of our profits go directly to charities tackilng a range of social issues affecting young Australians including financial literacy, mental health and wellbeing.

Powering a brighter future for everyone

When we grow, so does our impact.

For Advisors

Be an agent of change with your business. Grow professionally, take control of your financial future and set your business apart. Become known for high-quality advice and doing things differently for the greater good.

For Clients

Connect with a Spark Advisor who shares your values and wants to see you succeed. Make a difference in the lives of others as you design and create your own while ensuring your money works for you and your community.

For Our Community

Being a profit-for-purpose business means our positive impact on the local and regional community amplifies as we grow, leaving a legacy only possible because of our advisors and their clients.

At Spark , we’re more than financial advisors; we’re your partners on your wealth journey creating a brighter future for you and those you care for.

Don’t lose your Spark — connect with Spark Financial Group today and see what’s possible.

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