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The world of financial planning has changed. Spark Financial Group has emerged as a market leader, reenvisioning what it means to offer financial planning licencing and quality financial advice.

Established in 2018 as a boutique dealer group, Spark has quickly grown and remained true to its values and principles.

We now have more than 80 authorised representatives across Australia, managing more than $2 billion in funds under management.

As a progressive innovator, Spark’s ultimate aim is to positively impact people’s lives. Whether you want to grow your existing practice, or start your practice and need a financial planning license, Spark offers a supportive, structured ecosystem to do so with a host of services, a commitment to delivering advice based on best interests only and access to a community of like-minded professionals. Alongside Spark’s financial planning partners, you can achieve your dreams and much more

Why Work With Us?

Ignite the untapped potential within you

We partner with ambitious advisors who want to take the leap of faith and need a financial planner license to start their own practice, and existing advisors seeking a partner who can help take their practice to the next level

Big enough to matter, small enough to care

Established in 2018 as a boutique dealer group, Spark Advisors has experienced significant growth but has remained true to its values and principles. We now have more than 80 authorised representatives across Australia, managing close to $2 billion in funds.

Experience the smooth simplicity of switching to Spark

We know moving from an employed planner to a business owner, or switching from one AFSL service to another, can be a daunting leap. At Spark Financial Group, we're committed to making this change as seamless and supportive as possible. Whether you're moving to business ownership or changing licensees, our experienced team provides guidance every step of the way, backed by a community of advisors cheering you on.

Australia’s First 100% Profit-for-Purpose Dealer Group

At Spark Financial Group, success isn't just measured in numbers – it's about the influence and impact you have in the community. Your growth directly translates to a greater purpose.

Access Spark’s Key Services

Think of Spark as an extension of your team. Through the Spark System, our authorised representatives can readily access all of Spark’s integrated support services, including Paraplanning, Administration, Advice Vetting and Practice Management solutions.


Designed to simplify day-to-day practice operation and improve overall performance, the Spark System is a comprehensive combination of solutions working in harmony that delivers superior results to our Practices. Access all the tools, services and capabilities you need to increase the performance of your practice.

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Spark’s onshore paraplanners will ensure your advice is fully compliant, providing a premium advice document generation service, along with modelling, scenario scoping, and asset allocation and product analysis.

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Spark mandates high standards of compliance — that is why we have designed a market-leading framework to monitor and supervise our Advice using marketing-leading technology. Our Compliance team closely analyses all advice files, supporting Spark Advisors with coaching to improve the overall quality of their Advice.

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Practice Development

Seeking constant improvement is Spark’s mantra and at the heart of how we develop our practices. We work with each practice on a one-to-one basis, understanding their needs and by harnessing the strength of the Group and the Know-How obtained from our Advisor community, we drive outcomes to improve practice performance.

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Internal Admin Services

Continue to grow your practice without being held back by administrative work. Outsource to our experienced back-office team. They can assist with data entry, researching products, modelling and product comparisons.

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Asset Management

Our team of Advisors have access to a dedicated Chief Investment Officer who directs the construction and ongoing management of a number of active investment portfolios designed to maximise returns in line with risk tolerance and macroeconomic factors.

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The Spark System

The Spark System is a suite of processes and support designed to enable you to deliver advice with optimal efficiency and compliance.

Our team, seasoned in the financial services sector, has seen the dos and don’ts of advice practices. We use this expertise to help you grow your business sustainably and handle risks effectively.


Enhance the delivery of your advice with our advanced CRM and integrated advice document production solutions, designed for scalable growth


Spark's advanced technology stack minimises low-value tasks and ensures compliance, freeing you to focus on quality advice and deepening client connections.

Advice Architecture

Spark Advisors benefit from top-tier technology, including wizards, templates, workflows, and client engagement tools, and a robust compliance framework supported by RegTech solutions.


Spark Advisors access a diverse, research-backed APL, unbiased towards any product manufacturer, meeting Best Interest Duty requirements. Our approved list, graded by Morningstar and Lonsec Research, is managed by our expert investment committee.

Know How

At Spark, growth extends beyond your business. You'll gain continuous access to professional development opportunities, a community of fellow financial advisors, a licence, technical support, and internal expertise to enhance every aspect of growing your business.

Purpose & Impact

The Spark Dealer Group is a profit-for-purpose, social business. This means that your dealer fees go towards purpose & impact initiatives chosen by Spark Advisors. We collaborate closely with only a few charities that offer volunteering opportunities for our Advisors, their staff and stakeholders to participate in, thus creating a higher level of engagement across your business.

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For Advisors

Be an agent of change with your business. A Spark partnership delivers more than a licence for financial services. Grow professionally, take control of your financial future and set your business apart. Become known for high-quality advice and doing things differently for the greater good.

For Clients

Connect with a Spark Advisor who shares your values and wants to see you succeed. Make a difference in the lives of others as you design and create your own while ensuring your money works for you and your community.

For Our Community

Being a profit-for-purpose business means our positive impact on the local and regional community amplifies as we grow, leaving a legacy only possible because of our advisors and their clients.

How to Get a Financial Services Licence

A financial services licence is required in Australia, in order to conduct a financial services business. The FP licensing process can be complex and difficult to navigate, particularly if you wish to start your own AFSL.

A financial advisor licence in Australia requires that you prove you’re competent to carry out financial services, have sufficient financial resources, and can meet the other obligations of an AFS licensee (such as training, compliance, insurance and dispute resolution). With such a high threshold for approval, many advisors choose instead to partner with a dealer group, such as Spark. Taking the stress out of planner and advisor licensing, our AFSL representatives are provided with the support they need.

How Do I Become an Authorised Representative?

If you’re looking to take the leap and start your own practice, you might be asking yourself, ‘Who is a good AFSL?’. Perfect for an employed planner looking to make their mark, Spark makes licensing easy while also providing some much-needed support and advice for a new practice.

If you’re expanding your practice from the sole authorised representative to additional ones, it’s time to look into a dealer group that can assist in the speed to the scale required to achieve and sustain growth. Who’s a good dealer group to join? Spark. Beyond licensing, we can also assist you with technology support, and integrated services such as compliance, paraplanning and administration to help you grow your practice faster.

Becoming an authorised representative with Spark is easy; simply talk to us today, and we’ll take the lead and get you started.

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