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Joint Ventures

What It Means to Have a Spark in Your Corner

If you are exploring options to find the perfect solution , whether it be building a joint venture with a trusted partner , a merger into a proven practice for succession planning or you have decided that you no longer wish to be on the financial advisor register but still wish to continue on in business and need an Advisor to service your client base, please reach out to us to discuss our Spark Partnerships offer.

We will deliver to you customised solution backed up by the strength of Spark, to allow you find the right option for you.

How Can Spark Help You?

Spark can provide you the opportunity to build a client base and receive the infrastructure and client services support by partnering with Spark. By working within our proprietary financial planning practice, Spark Advisory, you will gain access to our infrastructure, receive client services support along with a supportive work culture. Become part of our team and experience the support that our advanced, well-developed processes can have for you and your clients.

Additionally, Spark can assist with servicing, facilitate a merger with a view to eventually acquire your clients. This ensures that your clients continue to have access to a trusted financial planning service, allowing for you to facilitate a relationship management role or exit the financial planning industry.

The Spark System

To find success and steady advancement, well-defined and comprehensive processes are required to ensure high levels of compliance and efficiency. Together, these are known as the Spark System.


When you become a member of Spark, you gain access to our extensive scale. With over 80 authorised representatives across Australia and $1 billion in funds under management, you can practice at an advanced level immediately.


Maximise your productivity and focus on providing quality advice to clients, strengthening their trust in you and Spark, thanks to our technology stack. Along with reducing the time required for low-value tasks, our innovative technology solutions are designed to ensure high levels of compliance.

Advice Architecture

When you work with us, you’ll have an assortment of top-tier technologies at your disposal, including wizards, templates, workflows and client engagement tools. With this strong technology you can efficiently create advice documents while adhering to our resilient compliance framework backed by RegTech solutions.


Partnering with Spark does not mean aligning with any product manufacturer or asset class. We aim to meet our Best Interest Duty requirements — that’s why our APL is thoroughly researched and fully graded using Morningstar and Lonsec. Additionally, our experienced investment committee oversees the management and growth of our APL.

Know How

As part of Spark​​, you will be working closely with experienced and leading individuals within Australia’s financial planning industry. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities for professional growth for yourself and how you run your practice.

Purpose & Impact

The Spark Dealer Group is a Profit for Purpose, social business. This means that your dealer fees go towards purpose & impact initiatives chosen by Spark Advisors. We collaborate closely with only a few charities which offer volunteering opportunities for our Advisors, their staff and stakeholders to participate in, thus creating a higher level of engagement across your business.

Discover Spark’s Methods

Developed over years and through the collective knowledge of our advisors, Spark’s methods are guaranteed to enable you to provide compliant and efficient advice, and focus on the aspects of financial planning that you are most passionate about.


Spark’s technology solutions seamlessly integrate with our practice management methods to ensure high-quality results and performance, from day-to-day operation to long-term success.

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Compliance is vital to Spark and our paraplanning services help to ensure all advice provided is compliant. Our onshore paraplanners achieve this through advice document generation, modelling, scenario scoping, asset allocation and product analysis.

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Along with our paraplanning services, our Compliance team uses leading technology to analyse all advice files to ensure our high standards for compliance are met. Additionally, our advisors can access coaching to improve the quality of their advice.

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Client Services

As a partner, your practice benefits from Spark’s client services team, delivering multiple solutions, including implementation, centralised task management and workflows.

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Stakeholder Management

We support our Partners with dedicated reporting, covering revenue, time to completion and conversions, whilst meeting monthly to discuss performance.

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Practice Development

Seeking constant improvement is Spark’s mantra and at the heart of how we develop our practices. We work with each practice on a one-to-one basis, understanding their needs and by harnessing the strength of the Group and the Know-How obtained from our Advisor community, we drive outcomes to improve practice performance.

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