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Charities We Support

Through our Spark Legacy program, we have partnered with the following charities to improve the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians.

Charities We Support

Financial Basics Foundation

“What is the Financial Basics Foundation?”

The Financial Basics Foundation (FBF) is a trusted independent charity. They create financial literacy resources for Australian educators, young people, parents/carers and employers of young people.

Their Mission is to enhance the financial capability of young Australians by providing quality independent financial education resources.

If you’re aged between 12 and 24 and want to learn about money or, you’re someone who cares for, or works with young people, FBF’s suite of resources, courses, tips and tools is for you!

Click here to learn more about the available resources Financial Basics Foundation provides.

The Pure Foundation

“To co-create and embody instruments of peace”

The Pure Foundation is an innovative philanthropic trust that is the cornerstone of the Pure eco-system approach to change. Although the Foundation is still in its infancy, it’s purpose is broad and evolving. It seeks to harness an eco-system style mission rather than targeting just one specific social cause or outcome.

It operates a 100% “to cause” model, which means that any donation made to the foundation will ultimately go to cause areas without any dilution. All administration, compliance and audit costs are covered by the Pure group social businesses. The Foundation also invests 100% of its corpus into a range of impact investments, vision aligned projects and startups. For more information, visit

5% of the corpus is allocated to making grants to impact partners and philanthropic impact.

The Pure Foundation is funded by a growing family of social businesses, the communities that support them and vision aligned philanthropists. This combined eco-system approach is known as Pure. All social businesses in the group donate 100% of profits to non-profits through the Foundation.

For more information, visit

Strike Out Suicide

Strike Out Suicide is an initiative from Troy Gray to raise funds for Gotcha4Life: Australia’s leading mental fitness charity.

Gotcha4Life’s mission is to ensure everyone has someone they can talk to when times are tough, encouraging early intervention for a world without suicide. Their programs educate about and foster mental fitness through meaningful mateship, powerful emotional muscles and strong social connections throughout local communities.

Spark Financial Group and all Spark Advisors contribute to Strike Out Suicide to help support those in difficult situations or who are struggling. We are committed to growing our charity contributions each year and are always on the lookout for more charities to support.

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