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Profit for Purpose

To improve the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians through good advice and to positively contribute to our society.

Profit for Purpose

Do More With Your Spark

At Spark, we have been helping our Advisors and their clients create their legacy since 2018. With our support, they have been able to harness their passion and Spark to make a difference to their own lives and to those that they love.

Our journey has culminated in Spark becoming a social business and profit-for-purpose organisation from the 1st of July 2023.

With 100% of Spark Dealer Group’s profits going directly to a host of charities, Spark leads the Australian financial services industry in raising awareness and directly contributing to important causes such as improving financial literacy in schools and financial wellbeing across young Australians.

In addition to being a social business with a profit-for-purpose model, our founder, Arthur Kallos, has personally funded the creation of Spark Hope, a public ancillary fund that Spark Advisors can donate and fundraise through. The monies from efforts along with the Groups’ profits are then gifted to our charity partners. Spark Hope (ABN 38 556 029 868) is a registered charity with the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC).

Together, our combined efforts generate meaningful impact whilst we are supporting our clients with high-quality advice to help them build their legacy and see their Spark live on.

Working With Us Can Ignite the Spark of Those In Need

We all share a social responsibility to each other and to our communities. And now, through working with our Advisors, your support can help drive awareness and make an impact.

With Spark becoming a social business, it is one of the first of its kind in the financial services industry, supporting Advisors to provide good advice and create meaningful social impact. Our Advisors contribute to our structured giving programs which result in donations towards selected charities providing opportunities for the less-fortunate.

Spark Hope Stands for Education, Action & Change

At Spark, we have a vision for a better Australia and our Group actively contributes towards young Australians with their financial capacity and wellbeing. We understand that circumstances can make it difficult for those looking to help drive change, and so we have Spark Hope to subsidise financial support through our Advisors who provide financial education & advice.

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Helping others while you help yourself leads to a satisfying and fulfilling life, opening up more opportunities and creating impact. To start making a change for the better, talk to Spark today.

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