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AFS Licensee Solutions

Services & Solutions to Take You Further

If you hold your own licence or are seeking to become self-licensed, our Licensee services and solutions provide you with the flexibility and choice of dedicated services, access to community and strength through experience. Access immediate scale by tapping into our proven systems and services enjoyed by many advisors across Australia. 

Be Part of a Fantastic Culture

Spark Financial Group is at the forefront of financial advice, driven by a clear vision and strong values. We understand how sound financial advice can positively impact people’s lives — and we can offer you the extra support to do just that.

Beginning in 2018, we have grown exponentially but kept our original values and principles. We have built a community of more than 80 authorised representatives across Australia and now manage $2 billion in funds. And you can be a part of it too.

As a Community member, you will have access to in-house training sessions, practice development, operations and compliance sessions, quarterly practice management sessions, platform rate card discounts, a private group Facebook page and our annual conference.

The Spark System

Spark Financial Group’s suite of dealer services and solutions help drive AFSL’s speed to scale sooner through the Spark System, which has been built from years of experience and knowledge, leveraging best practices from the community of Spark Advisors.


You’ve worked hard to get your financial planning practice to this point — let us make the next stages easier. With our advanced CRM and integrated advice document production solutions, you can scale your practice immediately. The only limit is your capacity — let Spark help make your life easier and grow.


Dedicate your valuable time to tasks that make a difference while still achieving high levels of compliance. With our advanced technology stack, you can spend more time providing quality advice and delivering improved value to clients, forging deeper connections.

Advice Architecture

Efficiently create advice documents using cutting-edge technologies, including wizards, templates, workflows and client engagement tools. These tools form a resilient compliance framework that is complemented by RegTech solutions.


You can assess and choose the most relevant, effective products, always advising for the customer’s best interests. This is because our APL is not aligned to any product manufacturer or asset class. Instead, it is fully graded using Morningstar and Lonsec research and assessed by our experienced investment committee.

Know How

When you become part of the Spark Financial Group community, you will have access to a range of practice and professional development resources, including fellow advisors and technical support. You can learn from the experts and your peers, and see what is truly possible.

Purpose & Impact

The Spark Dealer Group is a Profit for Purpose, social business. This means that your dealer fees go towards purpose & impact initiatives chosen by Spark Advisors. We collaborate closely with only a few charities which offer volunteering opportunities for our Advisors, their staff and stakeholders to participate in, thus creating a higher level of engagement across your business.

Dealer Services for your AFSL

You can access the Spark System’s comprehensive list of services as a bundle or individually.


The Spark Financial Group technology stack brings together a range of tools, services and capabilities to improve the performance of any practice. This technology also helps day-to-day operations run smoothly.

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Our onshore paraplanners are an essential asset to guarantee fully compliant advice, assisting with advice document generation, modelling, scenario scoping, asset allocation and product analysis.

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Spark Financial Group is always able to ensure high standards of compliance, thanks to our innovative framework and technology stack. Additionally, with a dedicated Compliance team, all advice files are analysed and you can access relevant coaching.

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Professional Services

We deliver innovative insights across data and BI reporting that assist Principals make informed decisions about the day to day management of their business and promote practice effectiveness. In addition, we provide access to our Peer Groups and in-house training.

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Internal Admin

Free up your time for the important things with our internal administration services. Our back-office team is available to assist with your practice’s data entry, researching products, modelling, product comparisons and more.

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Asset Management

Headed up by our own Chief Investment Officer, receive dedicated services in the form of research, model portfolios and investment solutions from Spark’s asset management team.

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