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Why do I need a Financial Plan?

We all aspire to do better financially. Unfortunately investing for the future and achieving our financial goals or achieving a better financial position is important but never URGENT. For most people it usually takes a lower priority than their other family and work commitments.

Therefore, without a team behind you to assist in making this a priority over a long period of time, achieving your financial goals can only be a dream for most people. Statistically only 3% of the entire retiree population in Australia achieve $50,000 or more retirement income per year, so the odds are against us!

At Spark Private Wealth & Advisory we offer you a workable long term path to achieve your financial goals through budgeting, debt reduction strategies, superannuation, risk management, investing in managed funds, ongoing support and specialist advice services including SMSF property and investment model portfolios.

These form a diverse range of solutions to assist you from managing your money better, to growing and building your investments to achieve your goals throughout your working life and in retirement whilst not lowering your quality of life.

The areas of advice we cover

*Australian Government Financial Literacy Foundation


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