Just Launched: New Ways to Invest With Spark Invest

Spark Financial launches a direct investment solution affirming its mission to improve the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians

One of Australia’s fastest growing and only Social Enterprise Dealer groups, Spark Financial Group, today announces the launch of its digital investing solution, Spark Invest.

Spark Invest, is a digital investment portfolio solution with all profits from its management fees being directed to charitable benefactors. Spark Financial Group CEO and Founder, Arthur Kallos, explained that the company and its advisory community are driven by its mission to improve the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians. Moreover, the solution is flexible for use by investors who may not be ready for an advised experience, but instead, seek access to a quality, self-driven investment solution. Spark Invest will also form part of the investment menu available for all of Spark’s Advisors where personal advice is sought.

Consumers can sign-up themselves and access one of five diversified investment portfolios managed by Spark’s CIO Andrew Coloretti and experienced investment team and supported by institutional partners. The suite of portfolio solutions ranges from income, balanced, growth, high growth and ESG, and are accessible to everyone from $5,000 per portfolio.

“Launching our digital investing solution today is a logical step in empowering consumers to engage with investing and building wealth in an accessible fashion and for Spark to reach an even greater number of people seeking cost effective solutions,” Kallos said.

Kallos added that he saw the launch of Spark Invest as a Win-Win initiative, something the group is passionate about. In addition to being available to the general public, we are also building a strong, knowledgeable and engaged pipeline of clients who may require personal advice in future.

“After gaining confidence & trust with Spark, we can connect investors to an adviser within our Group for further assistance with their broader needs. Our advisors will be able to advise maintaining or investing in Spark Invest as an advised product” Kallos added.

Spark Invest has been developed in conjunction with Melbourne-based investment platform, OpenInvest. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Andrew Varlamos, echoed Kallos’s comments.

“Passionate, mission-driven licensees like Spark Financial Group are listening to their advisers and taking steps now to give them a means to help a much broader audience of people who aren’t yet ready for the higher costs of traditional personal advice” Varlamos explained.

Varlamos added that OpenInvest now had agreements with 38 such firms, and was proud to be helping so many progressive dealer groups and wealth management firms to bring professional investing expertise and knowledge to everyday Australians, in all parts of the country.

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