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Who is Spark Advisors?

Spark Advisors is a Boutique Dealer Group founded in October 2017, which saw the Group grow to 35 Authorised representatives across Australia at the end of 2019.

In February 2020, Spark merged with Aura Wealth, another Boutique Dealer Group with the vision that the united Group would deliver further value to its Advisors and be well equipped to respond to the changing landscape imposed by the Inquiry into Financial Services.

Today, Spark Advisors services over 80 Authorised Representatives across Australia with over $850M in funds under management.

The Dealer Group offers a genuine solution for Advisors seeking to deliver advice that is not influenced by anything other than the best interests of their clients through an integrated Advice delivery platform. This system delivers high levels of support for advisors wanting to start their own financial planning and / or mortgage business or more established financial services practices who want to improve their profitability and client experience.

The Spark System is a solution assembled by Spark Advisors, which delivers a complete turn-key practice solution to Advisors that frees them to spend more time with clients, referral partners and business development prospects whilst ensuring that effective processes are in place to create and implement advice, ensure high levels of compliance and ultimately shortening sales cycles to increase completed revenue within their reporting period.

In building this solution, the team have harnessed their many years of corporate experience across Distribution, high profile projects, general management of SME and hands on, practical knowledge of running small business to help Advisors retain their own Brand, be agile and highly profitable. Advisors receive a comprehensive support framework and therefore do not have to partner up to overcome what many Advice businesses are confronted with today such as lack of scale, compliant systems and capacity for new business.


The Spark System offers immediate scale to Advisors through its CRM architecture and integrated advice document request process.


Advisors have the immediate benefit of product research, advice generation and compliance services to be able to spend more time doing what they love and that’s seeing clients and giving advice.


Spark Advisors have a broad & research backed APL which is not aligned to any product manufacturer or asset class to give Advisors the range of solutions to meet their Best Interest Duty requirements.


Our approved list is fully graded using Morningstar and Lonsec research. We have conducted extensive research to bring to our advisors best of breed products through an experienced investment committee.

Know How

Market leading continuous education and technical support is provided to all Spark Advisors along with access to Arthur Kallos, our founder & CEO personally, to assist in the practice development of Advisor businesses and mentoring for Advisors just starting out.

Planners of tomorrow will operate through their personal brand and marketing platform. Social media, digital and video is changing the way we interact and meet people. Advisors will no longer need a larger Brand representing them to be successful, they can achieve success through their own personal Brand and create something that is their own.

Arthur Kallos - Founder, Spark Financial Group. Oct 2017

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