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Your Spark is your passion: your ambition and drive to live your best life, however that looks.

At Spark, we specialise in helping people finance their Spark, no matter their age or aspirations. Our Advisors can transform your goals into reality, setting you on a long-term path for financial success that suits your needs and wants. 

Central to our company philosophy is honouring your best interests. Our comprehensive and researched solutions aim to do just that, helping you engage with your money in new and exciting ways. Are you ready to see where your Spark can take you?

How We Can Help

We have a range of advice services and strategies available to ensure you achieve your long-term goals and nurture your Spark. As part of these services, our Spark Advisors will always discuss with you your situation to ensure that all financial plans are suitable and will impact your life positively.


Central to financial management, budgeting is an opportunity for you to regularly touch base with your finances and save for the future. Our Advisors can help you establish budgeting practices to suit your lifestyle and see you hit savings targets.

Risk Management

No comprehensive financial plan is complete without insurance. It ensures you are protected against a range of risks that may affect your finances or ability to earn or generate income. We can assist with obtaining a range of personal insurances, including life insurance, trauma insurance and disability insurance.


Live a retirement lifestyle with no work and all play when you talk to Spark. Our Advisors can help you untangle the regulatory jargon and access the huge potential for long-term wealth creation that superannuation offers, including Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

Investing & Asset Allocation

Spark can help you balance risk and reward with a range of investments, including cash, fixed interest, listed property and shares. We can help you review and adjust your allocations regularly to receive strong returns on your investments, taking into consideration a range of factors, including diversification, and fees and charges.

Debt Reduction

Ensure debt does not affect your ability to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life by speaking to Spark. Our Advisors can recommend suitable loans to help you achieve your goals, as well as debt-management strategies to ensure repayments are met without compromising your lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

Using a combination of financial planning strategies, Spark can help you achieve your goals for financially secure retirement. Through a combination of investments, budgeting and saving, and superannuation, you can retire with sufficient measures in place for long-term passive income generation.

Experience a Collaborative & Tested Financial Planning Process

We are innovators in the financial planning industry, always bringing authenticity, transparency and compassion to our roles. Our experienced Advisors follow a tried-and-tested process, using market-leading technology, that ensures our standards are met and that you are completely satisfied with our service.


Our online client portal, Spark Money, allows you to accurately capture your financial situation for your financial advisor to review. This includes important information, like cash flow, assets, liabilities and more, thus maximising your time when meeting with one of our Spark Advisors.

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Discovery Meeting

Your dedicated Advisor will meet with you to learn about how we can best ignite and grow your Spark. We are keen to learn about your financial goals and needs, and how we can support you.

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Modelling Scenarios & Strategies

Using cutting-edge software and up-to-date insights, we will prepare and present to you strategies in line with your goals that will add the most value to your financial situation. Together, we can discuss these strategies and identify key points to form the core of your advice documentation.

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Terms of Engagement

Before commencing the full scope of our services, we will take you through our terms of engagement. These will outline our services, as well as our commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals and our understanding of them.

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To ensure we can provide you with the most suitable and helpful advice, your Spark Advisor will thoroughly research your current situation and all relevant existing products and asset services. All this information will be collated into a detailed and comprehensive advice document.

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Advice Documentation

Your Spark Advisor will meet with you once more to guide you through our formal advice document. This may include multiple financial strategies, as well as products, that have been chosen to best meet your needs and goals. Together, we will choose items to action and start you on your financial journey.

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We will action all items agreed upon in the advice document, ensuring to keep you updated of any developments and answering any questions you may have. As part of this implementation, your Spark Advisor will offer ongoing services to regularly check the status and progress of all agreed-upon strategies to ensure you are getting the best results possible.

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Ongoing Support

At Spark, we see ourselves as long-term financial partners, offering our advice to you as you set new goals and your circumstances change. Therefore, we will regularly meet with you to review your progress, celebrate your successes and adjust strategies as required.

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Assess Your Financial Situation

Curious to see how your finances measure up? Use our free calculators to create the financial scenarios you wish to explore, where you can compare, download reports and reach out for assistance.

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